King's Restaurant

Dine like a King

The brand-new and extended free buffet is already a treat but wait until you have tried the à-la-carte restaurant at King’s Rozvadov and you will feel like a king. For moderate prices, you can eat like the rich and beautiful high rollers. Let our experienced chefs/wizards, surprise you with tasty and refined dishes all year long.

Steak are the number one request by our guests but if you are willing to trust our chef, your meal will become more of a culinary adventure than just eating. Recent gastronomy trends tend to create individual meals depending on the customer’s needs and requests. This has been the case for a long time already at King’s and it has proven to be very successful and appreciated by our regular and occasional visitors.

Basically, you mention what you like or dislike mentioning a couple of key ingredients and you let the magic operate in the kitchen waiting for your individualised menu. Fish, meat, vegetarian, soups, starters, desserts - there is the right menu at King’s for everybody.

For those who think that they will not be able to afford such a service, King’s is proving you wrong every day. Of course quality has its price but it does not have to be painful. For €20-25 per hungry person, you can enjoy a multiple-course meal for a pleasant moment at another table than a gambling table for change.

For reservations please contact our hotline:
+420 374 616 050
The King's Restaurant Team is looking forward to your visit!