King’s meets China

China is the biggest undiscovered poker market due to legal reasons. WSOP was delighted to announce the very first event in China after getting a Deal with Tencent. Form 13th to 22nd December 14 tournaments are played at the Shngri-La Resort and Spa in Sanya. Hunderets of players qualified themselves through the Tencent Poker App, some of them also in live events. Only few foreign players are allowed and they need to have an invitation. King's Boss Leon Tsoukernik was one of them. In the Main Event he played only a few hands, but so he had more time to take a closer look at the WSOP China.

And he was really impressed: "Tencent is working hard to establish poker in China and prepare the legal requirements. It's amazing to see, what they already have done and how big the plans for the future are. King's will help Tencent and WSOP with all efforts to bring poker to a next level here in China."

More information about WSOP China can be found on the official World Series of Poker website


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