King's Celebration Cup

King's Celebration Cup 2018



King's Celebration Cup

500.000 gtd

29.10. - 05.11.

  • €220
  • 29.10. - 05.11.



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Date Tournament Guarantee Buy-In Service-Fee Info Pre-Registration
Mon 29.10. 09:00Last Chance Satellite to WSOPE Main Event1.000 EUR100 EUR
Mon 29.10. 12:00WSOP Europe Main Event – Day 2 [BRACELET #10]5.000.000 EUR10.000 EUR350 EUR
Mon 29.10. 13:00Turbo Satellite to 8 max Knock-Out500 EUR50 EUR
Mon 29.10. 15:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1a20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Mon 29.10. 16:00WSOPE 8 max Knockout2.000 EUR200 EUR
Mon 29.10. 17:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1a500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Mon 29.10. 18:00WSOPE PLO OMAHA Turbo500 EUR50 EUR
Mon 29.10. 20:00NLH Daily Turbo Tournament100 EUR10 EUR
Tue 30.10. 12:00WSOP Europe Main Event – Day 3 [BRACELET #10]5.000.000 EUR--
Tue 30.10. 14:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1b20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Tue 30.10. 16:50LEON's High Roller100.000 EUR0 EUR
Tue 30.10. 17:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1b500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Tue 30.10. 18:00WSOPE 2k Turbo2.000 EUR200 EUR
Tue 30.10. 20:00NLH Daily Turbo Tournament100 EUR10 EUR
Wed 31.10. 12:04WSOP Europe Main Event – Day 4 [BRACELET #10]5.000.000 EUR--
Wed 31.10. 14:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1c20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Wed 31.10. 14:15King`s Short Deck Holdem Championship50.000 EUR0 EUR
Wed 31.10. 16:00WSOPE PLO Knockout1.000 EUR + 1.000 EUR Bounty200 EUR
Wed 31.10. 17:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1c500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Wed 31.10. 20:00NLH Daily Turbo Tournament100 EUR10 EUR
Thu 01.11. 10:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1d20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Thu 01.11. 13:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1d500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Thu 01.11. 14:00WSOP Europe Main Event – Day 5 [BRACELET #10]5.000.000 EUR--
Thu 01.11. 16:00WSOPE PLO/NLH Mixed Game750 EUR75 EUR
Thu 01.11. 18:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1e500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Thu 01.11. 20:00NLH Daily Turbo Tournament100 EUR10 EUR
Fri 02.11. 10:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1f20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Fri 02.11. 13:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1f500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Fri 02.11. 15:00WSOP Europe Main Event – Final Table [BRACELET #10]5.000.000 EUR--
Fri 02.11. 16:00Kings Big Omaha10.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Fri 02.11. 18:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1g500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Fri 02.11. 20:00Kings Local Championship15.000 EUR100 EUR10 EUR
Sat 03.11. 10:00Satellite to King`s Celebration Cup 1h20 Seats45 EUR5 EUR
Sat 03.11. 12:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1h500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Sat 03.11. 18:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1i500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Sat 03.11. 22:00Kings Local Championship20.000 EUR100 EUR10 EUR
Sun 04.11. 10:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 1j - Turbo500.000 EUR200 EUR20 EUR
Sun 04.11. 15:00King`s Celebration Cup Day 2500.000 EUR--
Sun 04.11. 18:00Kings Big Sunday10.000 EUR100 EUR10 EUR
Mon 05.11. 13:00King`s Celebration Cup Final Day500.000 EUR--
Mon 05.11. 17:00King`s Big Monday5.000 EUR70 EUR10 EUR

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About King’s Casino Rozvadov

King’s Casino Rozvadov, is well known for its range of games for players and for its famous customer focused service and hospitality. King’s Casino is Europe’s biggest poker room and situated roughly two hours’ drive from Prague and Munich. The venue offers everything a guest could want, including a full casino, two restaurants, three, four and five-star accommodation and great poker action 24/7.

In August 2017, the all new version of King's Casino opened with over 1,800 square meters of Las Vegas-style casino space added. A new hotel with 229 additional rooms, a new restaurant and a fully-equipped wellness center with jacuzzis, saunas, massage rooms and a fitness center made Europe’s biggest poker room even bigger! There are a variety of accommodation options for players close to the casino. For reservations or any other questions please contact King’s directly via:

Rozvadov, Czech Republic

How to get to King's Casino?


By air: There are direct flights from just about every European capital to Prague (Czech Republic), Nuremberg airport (Germany) and Munich airport (Germany) - all around two hours’ drive from Rozvadov. Many budget airlines also operate regularly on these routes. US airlines commonly connect to Prague and Munich.

By car from Prague: Simply drive via D5/E50.

By car from Munich: Get on to A9, A93 and then A6 to D5/E50.


King's Casino has several parking areas under camera surveillance 24/7, and patrolled by a dedicated security team.

By train: The closest train stations are Nuremberg, Weiden, Wernberg, Regensburg or Amberg. Call or email King’s Casino and they will arrange a shuttle service:  +420 374 616 050 or

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