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Abholung - Kassel - Transfer zum King's Casino

Ob per Bahn, Flugzeug oder Taxi, das King's Shuttle Team hilft Ihnen gerne beim Transfer zum King's Casino.

Sie reisen per Bahn?
Die nächsten größeren Bahnhöfe zum King's Casino befinden sich in Weiden, Nürnberg, München, Regensburg und Prag. Über unserer Hotline können Sie Ihre Abholung an dem gewünschten Bahnhof vereinbaren.

Sie reisen per Flugzeug?
Die nächsten größeren Flughäfen zum King's Casino befinden sich in Nürnberg, München und Prag. Über unserer Hotline können Sie Ihre Abholung an dem gewünschten Flughafen/Terminal vereinbaren.

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2017 World Series of Poker Europe Set for October 19 to November 10, 2017

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King's Casino


King's Casino

American Roulette, Blackjack, 5-Card Poker, Russian Poker, King's Hold'em, Punto Banco & lots of Slot Machines

What is special about King's

Our Philosophy

Service, Entertainment & Quality

Be the King at King's. Enjoy the King's hospitality, the best entertainment and excellent quality at the Casino, Restaurant and Hotel.

The Heart of Poker in Europe

The heart of a poker player beats faster in the middle of Europe close to the Czech-German border. Poker comes to life at Europe's biggest poker room.

Successful Partnerships

Together we are stronger - we focus on good partnerships to get even better.

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The Heart of Poker in Europe

First Class Service & Accommodation

How to get to King's Casino?


By air: There are direct flights from just about every European capital to Prague (Czech Republic), Nuremberg airport (Germany) and Munich airport (Germany) - all around two hours’ drive from Rozvadov. Many budget airlines also operate regularly on these routes. US airlines commonly connect to Prague and Munich.

By car from Prague: Simply drive via D5/E50.


By car from Munich: Get on to A9, A93 and then A6 to D5/E50.

King's Casino has several parking areas under camera surveillance 24/7, and patrolled by a dedicated security team.

By train: The closest train stations are Nuremberg, Weiden, Wernberg, Regensburg or Amberg. Call or email King’s Casino and they will arrange a shuttle service: +420 374 616 050 or


If customers have trouble getting to King's Casino directly, there is a special shuttle service available. If you are travelling by plane they can pick you up at Prague, Nuremburg or Munich Airport. Call +420 374 616 050 or email for more information.

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